Viking Beard Oil
Viking Beard Oil
Viking Beard Oil
Simply Great Beard Oil

Viking - Simply Great Beard Oil (6)

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Sam’s Natural Simply Great Beard Oils are handcrafted in small batches right here in New Hampshire, but filled in a mucho grande bottle for the largest amount (3oz) of awesome beard oil you'll find out there. Made with wicked good ingredients, we formulate all of our beard oils using moisture rich, natural oils that condition coarse whiskers and hydrate the skin underneath. With 20 impressive scents to choose from, you can be sure to make a confident statement for whatever lies ahead.

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3 oz | 89 mL


Would you be surprised to hear that Vikings were actually known for their excellent hygiene and not for stinking to high Valhalla? These Norsemen not only bathed at least once a week, but they were also discovered to have carved their own tweezers, combs and razors out of animal bones. Excellent groomsmen, in fact - the perfect customers for our Simply Great Beard Oil! (unfortunately, the Vikings didn't have the internet. Or, if they did, it was spotty at best, even on the best ship.) With its masculine, musky scent and hint of rosewood, this powerful oil would be the perfect addition to any proud, seafaring man's beard routine. Doesn't every woman want her man to smell like a Viking?!


Directions for use: add 2-3 drops of beard oil to fingertips and massage thinly and evenly through beard hair. Works great for moustache hair and skin underneath as well. Enjoy.




WARNING: Contains nut/tree nut oils. Keep out of reach of children. Not for consumption or internal use. Do not use on open wounds. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not store in hot or humid conditions.


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